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Kivuko support

Kivuko Customer Care
Kivuko Customer Care
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Kivuko.com support
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17th of April 2009 04:43 PM

Kivuko support

Support to our customers is at the top of our priority list.we believe in customer relationship and better services to our customers.since we may not fulfill every need we have set up this support page to let our customers take advantage of advanced tools to browse articles and search for help on specific topic.
use the FAQ category to make a quick look at the most pressing questions that most of our users have been inquiring about.use the kivuko guide category to view detailed instructions on how to use kivuko.com effectively.
and if there is any question feel free to contact our support team directly through live support chat button.there you can talk to our representatives live online and get real answers in real time.
for full support enquries please visit kivuko.com/support
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