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Learning about diamonds
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4th of July, 2009

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How do I choose a diamond?

How to get the best diamond at the best price at kivuko:

There's a lot more to buying a diamond than being in love. It's a big investment and an important decision! Before you make it, you should do the research just as you would before buying stock, or real estate, or an automobile for that matter.

Kivuko guide presents you with a comprehensive guide towards choosing the right diamond for yourself or the one you love.

 A diamond education doesn't cost you anything. But if you don't learn about diamonds before you select one,it can be cost-full, our goal here at kivuko is to prepare you(our precious customer) should you decide to buy a  diamond jewelry here at kivuko, as an educated consumer. That way, you can not only make an informed, competent and rational purchase, but one that will please the woman in your life with its brilliance and beauty.

1st step in learning about diamonds:

learning the 4Cs

When you learn about diamonds, you'll hear a lot about 4C's. In diamond market, diamond attributes – the characteristics of a diamond – are known as the 4Cs.

The 4Cs help to determine both the value and the beauty of a diamond. Obviously, the more beautiful a diamond is, the more people are willing to pay for it. But what makes a diamond beautiful?

  • Carat

  • Cut

  • Color

  • Clarity

These are the 4Cs. A diamond's size is measured in carat weight. The cut is considered the most important characteristic of a diamond, because a well proportioned stone, regardless of it shape, offers the greatest fire, sparkle, and brilliance. Color is the natural body color visible in a diamond, and the single characteristic determined by nature alone. Clarity is an indication of a diamond's purity. How are the 4Cs determined?

2nd step in learning about diamonds: Getting smart about diamond certification

As a rule, every diamond a reputable jeweler sells has been examined and graded according the 4Cs. The rating gives you a scientific means for comparing the price of one diamond with another. A larger diamond – one with greater carat weight – may be lower in price than a smaller one because its cut, clarity and color are not as special. All 4Cs must be taken into account to determine the value. But how do you find out the grading for each diamond? Another C word: Certification

Diamond certificates are issued by independent gemological laboratories. Certification serves as written proof of a diamond's attributes and a basis for determining the value of diamonds with similar attributes. Certification gives you the power to purchase a diamond with the characteristics you want at a fair market price.

But be careful. Certification is just one part of determining a diamond's value.

What does diamond certification really mean when you're buying a diamond?

Step three in learning about diamonds: Developing an eye for beauty and brilliance

There are several factors that contribute to a diamond's beauty – or the appearance of beauty in the eye of the beholder. Some women consider a certain shape, such as a round diamond more beautiful than another shape, such as a pear. How a diamond is set is another matter of personal taste that affects your impression of a diamond's beauty.

But the most critical aspect of the inherent beauty of a diamond is its brilliance. Brilliance is also called "fire" and "sparkle." It is the element that brings the diamond to life, catches your eye from afar and reflects lights as it moves on a woman's hand. Brilliance is the wow factor!

And brilliance can be scientifically determined in terms of Return of Light. The first diamond ever to be independently measured and certified for its superior fire, sparkle and brilliance is The Leo Diamond, a handcrafted diamond by Leo Schachter. The Leo Diamond comes with an additional certification from GemEx Systems verifying the level of Return of Light. Learn more about how a diamond's beauty is determined.

Step four in learning about diamonds: Building confidence in the diamond buying process

If you understand the 4Cs, have learned all about certification, are poised to look for fire, sparkle and brilliance in a diamond, and feel comfortable that you've chosen a reputable jeweler, then you should have confidence that you will make a responsible and smart choice.

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