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  1. About Diamond's 4C'sAbout Diamond's 4C's [Article]
    The four Cs: The main characteristics of diamonds The 4Cs are the key characteristics of

  2. Learning about diamondsLearning about diamonds [Article]
    How do I choose a diamond? How to get the best diamond at the best price at kivuko: There's a lot more to buying a diamond than bei

  3. Gemstone Learning GuideGemstone Learning Guide [Article]
    Color Jewelers describe the color of a gemstone in terms of three characteristics: hue, saturation, and tone. A gemstone's basic color is its hue, and tho

  4. Pearl Learning GuidePearl Learning Guide [Article]
    Cultivation Pearls are produced naturally in the body of salt and freshwater mollusks, such as oysters and mussels. When these animals sense an irritant, such as a gr

  5. Can i get  lower prices?Can i get lower prices? [Article]
    Definitely Yes!Prices at kivuko.com have only one way to go,LOWER!take advantage of our various promotional activities like,BULK purchasing,national Holidays,clearance sales and many other never endin...

  6. How to order from Kivuko.comHow to order from Kivuko.com [Article]
    Here are step-by-step instructions to help you place an order at kivuko.com: 1- Register with kivuko for free. 2- Log in you