Tanzania Online Shopping Gateway

Tanzania Online shopping gateway, Tanzania's First and Biggest shopping destination with thousands of products ranging from shoes, cdresses,shirts,blouses,ties,bed sheets,computers,mobile phones, cellphones, smartphones, iphones, books,arts,crafts, children's clothing,babies accesories, video games, video consoles,televisions, handbags, cars, car spares, house equipments, electronics,Television, Music systems, kitchen appliances, and many more.


Kivuko® is a Private company founded in 2008. Kivuko® Online specializes in e-commerce and IT.By deploying advanced systems necessary to facilitate enterprise application in web environment.


Our vision is to bridge Tanzanian consumers with the rest of the world by creating an online platform of Tanzanian vendors and products through consumer friendly applications and services tailored for Tanzania, ultimately making the place to be to discover, compare and buy products online.